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Blog Post Regarding Social Media Audit

Writing Sample

A blog-style writing sample that is part of a social media audit of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's social media done as a project during her Master's program. 

ACLU Facebook Post

Social Media Graphic Design Example

A Facebook post created using the ACLU's style guide for a project during her Master's program. 

Tunnel to Towers Press Release

Public Relations Writing Sample

A press release written for the non-profit, Tunnel to Towers, as an assignment for Strategic Communication in the Digital Age. 

Magazine Layout

Graphic Design Example

Created using Adobe InDesign. The task was to use the provided text to create a magazine layout. 

Tunnel to Towers Infographic

Graphic Design Example

A fact sheet/infographic created as part of a final project. 

A Glimpse at the Use of Framing in Ron DeSantis' Bid for the Presidency

Writing Sample

Posted with permission by Erin Walker, co-author. 

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